Cub News

As this website is a new medium for us we would like your opinions ( good or bad ) on how we manage this site. How can we do better, how we can best promote what we do, how you and your child feel about the programme we deliver. Can you help us improve on what we do as a section or as a Group. Do you have skills and experiences you would like to share with us or is there any part of the programme you would like to help us deliver. We are always open to suggestions.

We do, as always, try to present and deliver the Scouting programme in the best way we can, we are however volunteers and although we have training to best serve both the child and the community, we are not experts but some of you may well be, in various fields.

We appreciate all the help we can get. Recently Claire Leckey helped us to both deliver and authenticate our Staged First Aid Activity Badge in a much more professional and structured way than we could have managed and for that we salute her, both for giving up her time and for ensuring that it was done constructively and professionally. So if you have any skills whatsoever, we want to know about them as yours skills could make a difference to a child’s life experience.

This coming Monday , March  7th, we will be continuing with badgework on discrimination. This  week we will be looking at Disability, Mental Health & LGBT .


Holy Week Service is on Monday, March 21st and this service is for both Monday & Tuesday night Cub Packs. After service we will be on Easter Break until Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th April.