Explorer News

Welcome to Hillsborough Explorers, we are the next unit to run after Scouts and our age group is 14 – 18 year olds . We Run Dofe with in our unit which helps towards lots of other badges that the Explorers can gain while with us .

As a unit we try to get out of the hall as much as possible through out the year and this would include hikes in the hills , dofe expeditions , canoeing , backwood cooking alongside wild camping but to name a few . We also meet up with other units and join together to do camps and other activities.

While doing Dofe we sometimes like to try and get the Explorers abroad to do the expedition side of things and back in 2014 we where lucky to get 3 Explorers and 2 leaders booked into the Canada trip that was being run by the NI Explorers .This was a brilliant trip which left lots of great memories for all those involved . So good that we are taking 2 more explorers and 1 leader back to Canada this year 2016 to do their Silver Dofe expedition along with 68 other Explorers and leaders .

The  Group also gets involved in lots of charities by fund raising and again in previous years we sponsored 3 guide dogs right through training and up till they where given to new owners which was a pound moment for the unit .